The latest news and resources in mental health for your school.

15 September 2017

Anxiety and young people

One of the most common student mental health health disorders that secondary schools typically deal with is anxiety. In 2015, one in fourteen young Australians aged between 4-17 experienced an anxiety disorder.
15 September 2017

Factors affecting women’s mental health

Good mental health is essential to the overall health of both men and women, but women experience some mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety, at higher rater than men.
15 September 2017

Helping a colleague through a rough patch

There are lots of things you can do to support a workmate who is going through a tough time. Often people really want to help but can be hesitant to start a conversation.
15 September 2017

Helpful thinking strategies for better mental health

The way we talk or think about ourselves can have a big impact on our mental health. Negative and unhelpful thinking patterns and thoughts can increase distressing feelings, leading us to feel bad about ourselves and make us feel like we're not coping.
14 September 2017

A new, unified approach to mental health in education

From August-2018, beyondblue will lead a new National Mental Health in Education program that will integrate and build on the strengths and evidence-based principles of five existing Commonwealth Government mental health initiatives – being delivered in education settings.
22 May 2017

Better communication with parents

Adopting a strengths-based approach, understanding vulnerabilities and being mindful of cultural differences are just some of the ways to help ensure better communication outcomes between parents and staff.