12 July 2016

Top resources on bullying

Bullying is common in schools, with approximately one in four Australian students affected by bullying. Whole school strategies that send anti-bullying messages, teach social and emotional skills, and promote healthy and positive relationships across the whole school community help to prevent bullying.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best online resources to help you understand, respond to and prevent bullying in schools.

1. MindMatters Spotlight on Bullying

The Bullying Spotlight on MindMatters provides schools with practical, evidence-based information on bullying. It discusses whole school strategies to help prevent bullying, how to incorporate an anti-bullying approach into current policies and procedures, how staff can effectively intervene, and helpful tips for addressing this topic within your school.

Highlight: Watch the MindMatters Spotlight panel with leading experts in the field - Adjunct Professor Ken Rigby from the University of South Australia, Sandra Craig from the National Centre Against Bullying, Susan McLean from Cyber Safety Solutions, and Dr Lyn O'Grady from the Australian Psychological Society.

2. Bullying. No Way!

This website, by the Australian Education Authorities, has information for teachers, students and parents on what to do if you’re feeling bullied, been called a bully, or know someone who is being bullied.

Highlight: The ‘Teachers’ section provides information and resources to help school leaders and teachers create and sustain safe and supportive school communities.

3. CyberSmart – eSafety issues

A range of resources and information from the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner with e-Safety advice and strategies for young people and families to stay safe in the online environment.  

Highlight: In ‘Resources for educators’ you’ll find helpful classroom resources, and information on current outreach programs, school policies and the voluntary certification scheme for providers of online safety programs.

4. Ken Rigby – Bullying

An Australian researcher and leading international authority on the effective prevention and intervention of bullying in schools, Dr Rigby’s website includes videos, quizzes, surveys and links to current research.

Highlight: ‘What schools can do’ talks about proactive action schools can take to reduce bullying in schools. This includes teaching students about bullying and involving them in classroom activities, helping children understand new forms of bullying such as cyberbullying, developing a well-supported, anti-bullying policy and training students to support vulnerable children who are being bullied. 

5. A review of literature on student bullying for Australian educators 

Especially for educators, this comprehensive review by The Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group analysed literature from 2010 to 2014, covering all forms of bulling, including cyberbullying.

Highlight: Evidence-based information about the impacts of bullying, the role of school culture and policy in countering bullying and the prevalence of bullying in schools, amongst other important topics.

Links to all of these resources are listed on the MindMatters Spotlight on Bullying page.

For more resources on how school communities can develop positive and practical strategies to prevent bullying, respond to incidents of bullying at school, and support young people dealing with the distress associated with bullying, visit  

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