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Schools across Australia are using MindMatters to make a big difference to the mental health and wellbeing of their school community. We would love to hear your school’s MindMatters story. Please fill in the form below and who knows, your school may feature as an inspiration to others in one of our newsletters or other publications.

Tell us what is special about your school
When did your school start using MindMatters?
What actions or activities have you implemented at your school to improve the mental health and wellbeing of your school community?
What impact has MindMatters had on students, staff and families? 
What tips or advice would you give to other schools implementing MindMatters?
What has been your favourite part of MindMatters?
How have you used the survey tool?
Please provide a quote about MindMatters from someone at your school. This might be the principal, a teacher or a student.
What are the next steps for your school in implementing MindMatters?

Please note:

  • MindMatters is a whole-of-school focused professional learning initiative and does not offer personal support for individuals experiencing distress. If you need information, advice or mental health support for yourself or someone at your school you can get help from the beyondblue support service.
  • Completed forms will be reviewed by our communications team who will contact you prior to publishing your school story.
  • If naming specific students, parents or staff, please ensure they have provided explicit consent. We will provide you with a consent form.
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