What is MindMatters?

Mental health and school success

The mental health of students affects all aspects of the school community – from student engagement and academic achievement, to social adjustment and staff morale. Schools that promote a positive environment perform better, attract and retain more students and build a strong reputation in the community. The mental health of all students is a key foundation for school success.

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MindMatters is a mental health initiative for secondary schools that aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people. We call it a ‘framework’, in that it provides structure, guidance and support while enabling schools to build their own mental health strategy to suit their unique circumstances. MindMatters provides school staff with blended professional learning that includes online resources, Spotlights on topics relevant to schools, face-to-face events, webinars and support. All content has been informed by strong evidence in the area of school mental health and wellbeing. The use of MindMatters’ comprehensive resources has mental health benefits for the entire school community – including students, families and school staff.


MindMatters is based on the principle that the best mental health strategy is one that prevents issues from arising in the first place. For this reason MindMatters helps schools promote positive mental health through the whole school community, and aims to prevent mental health difficulties in students by taking steps to improve relationships and resilience. MindMatters provides staff with practical advice and guidance so that they can support students who may be struggling with mental health difficulties in a timely and appropriate way. Promotion, prevention and early intervention are central tenets of the MindMatters’ approach.

A complete framework

A complete framework

The MindMatters mental health framework is built around four key components:
C1 Positive school community
C2 Student skills for resilience
C3 Parents and families
C4 Support for students experiencing mental health difficulties

Together these components provide a holistic and comprehensive view of student mental health and wellbeing within the wider school community.

Each component is explored through a number of stand-alone online modules covering different topics. These modules include animation, video, interactive tools and downloadable resources and take around one hour to complete. Each module has a facilitator guide and can be explored individually or in a group. Special face-to-face events and experienced support from MindMatters consultants complement the online resources and help schools to implement what they have learnt.


MindMatters is a framework designed around key principles. It is flexible and adaptable, allowing schools to build capacity to meet their unique needs. It’s like a support scaffold that schools can use to create their own mental health strategy – choosing the parts that they wish to implement and keeping the best of what they already have in place.