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C1 Module 1.1

Getting started

Before You Begin

What are the benefits of forming a team to drive positive mental health within a school?

When implementing MindMatters it is more effective to form an action team to drive the initiative forward rather than leaving this to one individual.

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MindMatters advocates whole school mental health – but how do you get started?

MindMatters – A mental health framework

MindMatters is not a ‘one size fits all’ program. MindMatters provides schools with a systematic and comprehensive approach to supporting student mental health and wellbeing through the implementation of mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention strategies.

MindMatters consists of four components:

   Positive school community
   Student skills for resilience
   Parents and families
   Support for students experiencing mental health difficulties.

Each component consists of a set of target areas and objectives.


Developing and implementing MindMatters across the whole school community requires strong and effective leadership to drive the initiative.

It is vital the executive leadership team has an understanding of the MindMatters framework and a whole school approach to wellbeing. Executive leadership needs to support the action team in carrying out their plans in order to increase the chance of success.

In addition to the support from executive leadership, it is important that leadership is distributed. An effective and diverse action team represents the entire school community.

Put together an action team

The role of the action team is to develop an implementation plan and guide the school community through a process of building the skills and knowledge needed to bring about whole school improvements in mental health and wellbeing.

An action team is a group that is interested in and passionate about mental health and is comprised of diverse roles and voices representing different groups in the school.

Why is it important for your action team to represent the whole school community?

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