4.7 – Who can help?

MindMatters in Minutes. Who can help?

Even if you had the best mental health strategy in the world you wouldn’t eliminate mental health difficulties and disorders completely. There will always be some proportion of your students who are struggling with an issue, and school can play a valuable role by introducing students to external services that might be able to help.

There are many such services available throughout Australia, from GPs and social workers through to psychologists and youth-oriented agencies.

Exactly what’s available can vary from school to school, but options are increasing all the time, and online and phone based services mean even the most remote communities can access support.

You can start turning your school into an effective mental health hub by getting to know what’s available in your local community as well as online.

Many of your students and families might not be aware of what’s available, so by promoting services within the school you can raise awareness and encourage independent help seeking.

If students or families come to you directly for guidance, then being well-informed will mean that you can point them to the most appropriate service based on their needs.

Becoming an effective mental health hub will improve your school’s mental health strategy in every aspect of promotion, prevention and early intervention. 

So consider the way you use external services right now. Who is your school connected with? How can you teach the school community to use this network? And how do you promote help seeking across the school?