Module 4.5 Understanding friends and peers

MindMatters in Minutes. Understanding friends and peers.

Life. We all want mostly the same thing out of life. We want to feel good, we want friends and family who care about us, and we want to be able to do things we think are exciting or rewarding or important.

But nobody’s life is awesome all the time.

There are a million ways the world can make you feel bad.

The good news is, most of the time, the good stuff outweighs the bad stuff, and when bad things happen we generally recover.

You know. Time passes, things move on, and the stuff that once seemed like a big deal no longer seems like a big deal. Without even noticing it, we go back to feeling good.

But every now and then, life goes in the other direction, and for whatever reason the bad things seem to outweigh the good.

Maybe that’s because there’s actual, physical sucky stuff in our world.

But it can also be because our mind has gotten into a tough space — we just find ourselves feeling bad all the time, or we start to think that everything we do is hopeless or that nobody cares about us.

It’s completely normal to feel this way for a little while, but if this negative state of mind goes on for a long time or becomes more intense, it can start to affect all sorts of areas of your life.

So you might start fighting with your family, or growing apart from your friends.

You could feel crushed by your schoolwork, or maybe you even stop enjoying the things you’d normally like doing the most. You might feel like you’re falling apart.

When we start to feel overwhelmed like this, it’s a really good idea to ask for help.

Often the best help comes from the people around us — the people we trust amongst our friends, peers, teachers and family — or professionals like counsellors and doctors.

But if you don’t want to talk to a person, you’ll find there are all sorts of websites and helplines where you can get information and support.

The biggest step is usually not finding people to help us, it’s actually asking for help. Or if we’ve noticed something wrong with a friend or peer, offering to help. It takes a lot of courage and honesty to share with someone that we are having trouble. But it’s so much better when we do, and the earlier we do it the better.

If we’re struggling with our thoughts and feelings, it’s often the simple act of reaching out and talking to each other that helps us get back on track, and the sooner we do this then the sooner the good can begin to outweigh the bad again, and we can go on living the life we want to live.

So take a look at yourself and your friends for a minute. How are you all going? How are your thoughts and feelings these days? Is there anything you want to talk about? If so, who could you talk to?