Module 1.0 Module briefing

MindMatters in Minutes. Beginning at the beginning.

When we tell people that MindMatters is a whole of school framework for positive mental health their first question is: sorry, it’s a what?

But that’s really the best way to describe it. Positive mental health is a state of mind where you feel engaged and connected and can respond to the various challenges in your life. It’s a universal good, something everyone should have, and it’s an important foundation for school achievement.

Students—and schools—with positive mental health tend to have better attendance, fewer behavioural issues, and higher performance.

Mental health isn’t a fixed trait; it’s something we can actively improve, and it’s not necessarily difficult. In fact, improving mental health on a day to day basis can be quite simple.

But at the same time there is no fixed, step by step recipe that works for everyone. People are complicated and diverse and we all need slightly different things.

So rather than a rigid one-size-fits-all program, MindMatters provides a framework that breaks positive mental health into manageable target areas — like building relationships, developing resilience and encouraging help-seeking in students —it then helps you use experience, insight and critical thinking to develop a mental health strategy that works for you and your school.

But it’s important to realise that an effective strategy is not about doing just one big, high-impact thing, but also doing lots of little day to day things—that gradually change the culture of your school.

Because of this, the more people you get on board the better—students, teachers, support staff, families—the whole school community.

And if you implement MindMatters with care, thought and enthusiasm then you can not only improve mental health, but you can improve performance of your entire school.

So there you have it. MindMatters is a whole of school framework for positive mental health.

Where do you want to begin?