Principals Australia Institute provides professional learning events to help you get started and during implementation.

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  1. 26 Jul
    Facilitating Component 2: Focussing on Module 2.1 & 2.1S Adolescent Development (WEBINAR)

    What kinds of stressors do adolescents experience and how do they tend to respond to them? This module will help you develop an understanding of the adolescent experience. These modules includes additional material you can use for a teaching resource.

  2. 27 Jul
    Brisbane City
    MindMatters Implementation Support Forum Component 3

    These workshops provide an opportunity for sharing of experiences in implementing MindMatters. In addition to building networks and collegial support, these workshops also provide additional professional learning and support from MindMatters staff to enhance the implementation process. This forum will focus on ideas to conduct whole school training regarding Component 3.

  3. 28 Jul
    The importance of relationships and belonging in your school community - NSW (WEBINAR)

    The Implementation Support Forum brings together schools to discuss their implementation of mental health and wellbeing plans. Opportunities will be provided to highlight a range of new resources to support this work.

  4. 31 Jul
    MindMatters Overview Webinar

    This webinar will provide school staff with up to date tools and resources from the MindMatters Website. The webinar will also focus on the MindMatters spotlights feature and provide information on the four components and the corresponding online learning modules.

  5. 02 Aug
    Facilitating Component 3: Working with parents and carers (WEBINAR)

    This interactive webinar will explore the context for difficult conversations with parents. Based around MindMatters Component 3, a step by step guide will be provided within the context of secondary student mental health an wellbeing. Expect to walk away with a knowledge as to when it is appropriate to engage in conversations with parents and a clear procedure to approaching difficult conversations.

  6. 03 Aug
    Bunbury Region
    MindMatters Implementation Support and Network Meeting - South West WA

    This event will allow staff from a variety of South West WA schools the opportunity to share ideas, strategies and success stories regarding their implementation of MindMatters frameworks.

  7. 03 Aug
    Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing of Aboriginal Students and Families

    This event familiarises participants with the target areas of Component 4 focusing on understanding mental health difficulties, and developing strategies to improve help-seeking and recognise students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties. This session will pay particular attention to students and their families who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. It also considers whole school staff processes and prepares participants to effectively deliver the professional learning to the staff group. It is recommended that School Action Teams partner with an appropriate parenting support or mental health professional in the delivery of Component 4.