Staff wellbeing is an important part of a mentally healthy school - and is essential for effective teaching and learning.

Crisis Support

If you or anyone else are in an emergency, or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000.

In a mentally healthy school, everyone’s wellbeing matters

MindMatters’ mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention framework can help provide better mental health outcomes for your whole school community - and your mental health is an important part of this.

School workplaces can be stressful environments

All work places can be stressful at times– and schools are no different.

Staff wellbeing is a shared responsibility

A mentally healthy workplace brings benefits for employers and employees alike.

Actions schools can take

School leaders can take action to improve the mental health of all school staff by looking at the cultural, structural and environmental factors within their school that might support or hinder staff wellbeing.

Actions staff can take

Focusing on your own wellbeing can make a huge difference to you, your colleagues and to the mental health of the whole school.

You can start now

This Staff wellbeing Spotlight has some example activities that may assist school staff to practice the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of good mental health.

Staff Wellbeing activities

The example activities in these four focus areas can help school staff improve their own wellbeing, as well as strengthen the mental health of your whole school.

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Further resources

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MindMatters can help

Staff wellbeing is fundamental to a mentally healthy school environment and is essential for effective teaching and learning. MindMatters’ whole school approach to building a positive and connected school community provides a framework in which staff wellbeing can be integrated.

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