Understand your school community’s approach to mental health and wellbeing using this anonymous, free and easy-to-use survey tool.




Set a baseline


Our survey tool allows you to ask school staff, students and parents questions about mental health, student wellbeing and the school environment. Use real-time results to set a baseline then resurvey at intervals throughout the year to measure your school’s progress and identify areas of need.

Check results


Data is invaluable in building a mental health framework at your school. Use our tool to find out what is already working and which areas of student wellbeing need additional support and resources. Compare your results with national averages and set goals for your school’s mental health plan.

Drive change


Use the information you’ve collected to design initiatives to complement existing practices, allocate resources to support areas of need and increase awareness around specific aspects of mental health and student wellbeing.

Find out how


To ensure confidentiality our survey tool is available to Action Team Leaders only. If you'd like to become an Action Team Leader at your school follow these easy steps

For helpful information about using data for planning and success, complete Module 1.2